Adirondack Birds
Birds of the Paul Smith's College VIC

Bird Barnum Brook Trail Heron Marsh Trail Boreal Life Trail Woods & Waters Trail Logger's Loop Trail
Alder Flycatcher x x
American Bittern x x x
American Black Duck x x x
American Crow x x
American Goldfinch x
American Kestrel x
American Redstart x x
American Robin x x x x x
Barn Swallow x x
Barred Owl x
Belted Kingfisher x x x
Black-and-white Warbler x x
Black-backed Woodpecker x x
Blackburnian Warbler x x x x x
Black-capped Chickadee x x x x x
Blackpoll Warbler x
Black-throated Blue Warbler x x x x x
Black-throated Green Warbler x x x x x
Blue Jay x x x x x
Blue-headed Vireo x x
Boreal Chickadee x
Broad-winged Hawk x x x x
Brown Creeper x x x x
Canada Goose x
Cedar Waxwing x x x x x
Chestnut-sided Warbler x
Chimney Swift x
Chipping Sparrow x
Common Grackle x
Common Loon x x x x
Common Merganser x x
Common Raven x
Common Yellowthroat x x x x
Dark-eyed Junco x
Downy Woodpecker x
Eastern Bluebird x
Eastern Phoebe x x
Golden-crowned Kinglet x x x x x
Gray Jay x
Great Blue Heron x x x
Hairy Woodpecker x x
Hermit Thrush x x x x x
Lincoln's Sparrow x
Magnolia Warbler x x x x x
Mallard x x x
Merlin x
Mourning Dove x
Mourning Warbler x
Nashville Warbler x x x x x
Northern Flicker x
Northern Harrier x
Northern Parula x x x x x
Olive-sided Flycatcher x
Osprey x
Ovenbird x x x x x
Palm Warbler x x
Pileated Woodpecker x
Pine Siskin x x
Pine Warbler x x
Purple Finch x x x
Red-Breasted Nuthatch x x x x x
Red-eyed Vireo x x x x x
Red-shouldered Hawk x
Red-winged Blackbird x x x
Ring-necked Duck x x x
Ruby-crowned Kinglet x x x x
Ruby-throated Hummingbird x x x
Ruffed Grouse x x x
Savannah Sparrow x
Scarlet Tanager x x
Sharp-shinned Hawk x
Song Sparrow x x x
Spotted Sandpiper x
Swainson's Thrush x
Swamp Sparrow x x x x
Tree Swallow x x x x
Turkey Vulture x
White-throated Sparrow x x x x x
White-winged Crossbill x x
Wild Turkey x
Winter Wren x x x x x
Wood Duck x x x
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher x
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker x x x
Yellow-rumped Warbler x x x

The bird lists were generated from field notes and photographs dating from 2010 through the summer of 2017. Most of the field trips were organized walks led by a VIC naturalist.

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