Adirondack Nature Trails
Trilakes Trails

Adirondack Birds: Gray Jay on the Blooomingdale Bog Trail (3 June 2017).
Adirondack Nature Trails: The Bloomingdale Bog Trail offers one of the most convenient spots in the northern Adirondacks to find boreal birds, such as the Gray Jay, Black-backed Woodpecker, and Boreal Chickadee. Gray Jay on the Bloomingdale Bog Trail (3 June 2017).

Visitors and residents in the Trilakes region of the Adirondack Park - Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, and Tupper Lake - can choose from a wide variety of nature trails showcasing the natural beauty of the mountains and providing opportunities to study plants and wildlife in bogs, marshes, swamps, mixed woods, and hardwood forests.

  • Several of these trails provide interpretive signs identifying key natural features, highlighting the habitat by the side of the trail, or alerting the trail user to the plants, animals, and insects to look for on a particular section of the trail. 
  • Several offer striking scenic vistas of Adirondack forest communities, mountains, lakes, ponds, or streams.

Bloomingdale Bog Trail

The Bloomingdale Bog Trail, north of Saranac Lake, follows an abandoned railroad right-of-way with many open views of Bloomingdale Bog, one of the largest bogs in northern New York. Bloomingdale Bog is one of the best places in the Adirondacks to find boreal birds. It also provides opportunities to search for wetland wildflowers. The area encompasses a bog and cedar woods with sedge marsh and coniferous woods.

Henry’s Woods Trails

Henry's Woods, which is owned and maintained by the Uihlein Foundation, is a community preserve located just outside of the village of Lake Placid. The trail system features well-designed trails traversing hardwood and mixed conifer-hardwood habitats. There are also several scenic outlooks providing views of the High Peaks.

John Brown Farm Trails

The John Brown Farm State Historic Site, run by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation, is about a mile from Lake Placid. The site offers three interconnected walking paths, providing opportunities to study birds, plants, and butterflies that flourish in old fields, meadows, mixed forest, and hardwood forest.

Heaven Hill Trails

The Heaven Hill trail system, which is owned and maintained by the Uihlein Foundation, is a community preserve located near Lake Placid. The Heaven Hill Farm property encompasses 940 acres. The trail system features well-designed, easy walking trails traversing a wide variety of habitats, including meadows, old fieldssuccessional foresthardwood forestmixed conifer-hardwood forest, and several types of swamps. The hills and open areas provide breathtaking views of the High Peaks.

Peninsula Nature Trails

The Peninsula Nature Trails, located off Peninsula Way in Lake Placid, provide opportunities to observe plants and wildlife that are found in mixed woods, hardwood forest, and swampland. These trails feature well-designed interpretive signs, providing information on the habitats, treesshrubsferns, and wildflowers along the trails. There is also a self-guiding pamphlet with a trail map and information on each trail.

Heart Lake Trail

The Heart Lake Trail, located at the end of Adirondack Loj Road near Lake Placid, is one of the best places in the Adirondacks to learn about nature in the mountains. It provides access to varied habitats, stunning views of the High Peaks, a tree trail, a Nature Museum, and a fern garden with interpretive signs. The trail around the lake is inside the Adirondack Mountain Club's 640-acre Heart Lake property, which includes the High Peaks Information Center, the Adirondak Loj, and the Wilderness Campground. The Heart Lake Trail is part of a much larger system of interconnected backcountry trails to the Adirondack High Peaks. The Adirondack Mountain Club also hosts an excellent series of naturalist programs in both the summer and winter.

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